Under Construction

Howdy, I'm just a guy who likes birds, and this is my website.

This is currently a work in progress but I'm hoping to have something readable in the near future. Until then read this.

Here's some stuff I'm hoping to add in no particular order ^_^.

  • Reviews of some games/books I've played/read
  • Some of the art I've made
  • Some things related to my interests
    1. Birds
    2. Horror books
    3. Anime and manga
    4. Physics
    5. MGS
  • An intro page
  • Documentation of video game glitches I've encountered

I'm also hoping to make this a bit more readable, a fair bit of this is placeholder. Thank you for your patience!

This was last updated on 21/03/2023

Created on 16/03/2023

Bonus Porygon Z

Porygon Z Sprite